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7 Quick and Elegant Hairstyles For African Hair

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1. Try an Aubrey Hepburn upsweep. If your hair is long enough to hold in the middle, then you can try an upsweep a la Audrey Hepburn. It looks more complicated than it really is. Part the hair at the side, then sweep one portion sideways then upwards. Repeat with the other portion. Use hair pins to hold it up. Even more practical are the now-common (miniature) hair-clips.

For a smoother hairdo, apply a little oil to the hair on the surface, and use tongs to make big curls in the direction you want the hair to lie. This takes all of five minutes when the tongs are hot.

For particular elegance for special occasions, use ornamental hair pins or clips, for example adorned with crystal, glass or others jewels.

You can also add a bee-hive to the middle of the do, using your own hair, or a hair piece. A hairpiece with highlights makes matters even more interesting.

This hairstyle especially suits women with long, oval faces.

2. A bee-hive. You can try a beehive even without an upsweep. You can vary the beehive with or without a fringe. A beehive gives the impression of lifting the face up, thereby giving the eyes more space. If you have a heavy or strong set of features, a bee-hive may soften the facial lines by creating an impression of elongating the face.

3. A half-afro. I personally think an afro is an excellent hairstyle, but it is difficult to wear if you have thin hair, or on cold and windy days. So settle for a half afro, where the hair only stands up in front. The sides remain flat and all the hair is then held behind and pinned down. To raise the hair in front, put in a few curls in front. This is an elegant hairstyle for everyday use or for special occasions, and flatters the contours of almost all faces.

4. A smooth bob. A smooth bob that ends below the ears looks elegant and stylish. However, it must be done right to look good, and this may take a little time. The best option is to put freshly-washed hair into curls, using manual curlers or tongs. Then comb the curls out carefully into a smooth bob. The curls create volume by allowing air into the hair. Improve the effect by applying a little oil to the curls before combing them out, or applying curling lotion to the hair before curling it.

5. Modified Pompom. If your hair can hold a pony tail or a pompom in the middle, you can soften this look (it may look too harsh if the hair is thin, or if the hairstyle emphasises a heavy or strong facial structure) by fluffing up the pony tail and holding the extra hair down with hair clips. You can add a hair piece in the middle as a variation, or use ornamental pins or clips.

6. Short bob. Especially if you are well-built, petite or a little stocky, a short bob is a good idea. It lends the impression of a little more height, and therefore makes one seem slimmer. A short bob can be as short as a long crew-cut. It looks excellent if curled every day, maybe with tongs. For this reason, though stylish and chic, it can be time-consuming. It looks even better if the hair has been highlighted or rinsed.

7. Head-tie. For bad hair day, do not be afraid to wear a head-tie. African women are the only women in the world who wear head ties. Caucasian women wear hats or veils (or used to!), Muslim women and women from many Eastern cultures wear a headscarf, while other women allow the full beauty of their long hair to show by wearing it loose. A big, colourful head-tie (preferably in a colour different from the rest of the outfit!) is an entirely African affair.

A black head-tie in a good material is an important accessory. You can combine it with a black skirt or pant suit. You can also invest in head-ties in gold, silver, red, orange, blue, violet or white. They combine well with floor-length (uni-colour) dresses for evening wear, or uni-colour pant suits. You can make your head tie a fashion statement.

A head-tie adds height, which is desirable if one is petite or strongly built. It adds unique elegance if one is tall and slender. A head-tie frames the face, directing attention to the eyes and mouth – a very good idea if these are tastefully made up.

In Africa, it is common to let one’s hair hang down the back to show just how long it is. If you live in an area where other women have longer hair, the comparison may not flatter you. So go for the above hairstyles, with which you can always hold your own.

Article written by Lamaro Schoenleber

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