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Using Flat Irons for African American Hair

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African American hair can be difficult to manage and if you want something that is a little more manageable, you’ll probably want to use flat irons to smooth out the tight curl and keep the hair smooth. This makes it easy to comb and style the way you want.

Flat irons are more practical than the old-fashioned hot combs and is usually preferable for African American hair care. A flat iron is basically a tool that has two flat plates which heat up. These can be made of metal or ceramic, but ceramic is better for your hair, though pricier. Metal, though it appears smooth, is actually very rough on a microscopic level and can destroy your hair with extended use.

For African American hair care, you’ll probably be using flat irons fairly often, if not on a daily basis. This means you need a good quality iron that will not ruin your hair from frequent use, ceramic plates are usually best for this purpose. The higher cost is worth it, because you will have healthier hair that is less likely to turn brittle and break.

When using flat irons on your hair, try to dry it as thoroughly as possible and use oil that is specially designed for African American hair. This will help prevent the hair from drying out and snapping. Apply a little oil to the hair and then work on small sections at a time, running the flat iron from the top down. You may need to repeat the process if your hair is particularly stubborn.

You may also want to use a heat protective spray or a straightening balm if your hair is particularly stubborn. These can help protect the hair and make it easier to work with, especially if you are straightening your hair on a daily basis. You should be able to find these products at any salon that specializes in African American hair care.

Flat irons work very well on African American hair and are the preferred method of straightening tight, curly hair. Look for one that is built to handle thicker hair and that has ceramic plates to avoid damaging your hair with frequent straightening. You don’t have to pay high salon fees to have manageable hair, with your own flat irons, you can straighten your hair at home.

Article written by Robert Diarioti

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